1. Personal profile
Name & Family: Mahdi Jampour (Champour) - In Persian  مهدی چم پور
Date of Birth 9th Feb 1982
Place of Birth Iran, Mashhad
Status Married (2 children)

2. Contact information
email: jampour [at] icg.tugraz.at
email: m_jampour [at] yahoo.com

3. Education
  Postdoctoral Fellow Artificial Intelligence - Computer Vision (2016-2017)  
  Research Institute Information and Communication Technology Research Institute, Tehran, Iran  
  Guest Professor. Prof. Mohammad-Shahram. Moin  
  Topic Multiview Face Analysis  
  Honor Supported by: Iranian National Elites Foundation (Bonyad Melli Nokhbegan)  
Visiting scholar: Artificial Intelligence - Computer Vision (2015-2016)
University University of Masschusetts Boston, MA, USA
Topic Face Inpainting based on High-Level Facial Attributes
Advisor Prof. Craig Yu
  Honor Awarded Marshall Plan Fellowship from ambassador of USA (Ms. A. Wesner)  
  PhD: Artificial Intelligence - Computer Vision (2011-2016)  
  University Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria  
  Thesis Title Multi-view Facial Expression Recognition  
  Supervisor Prof. Horst Bischof  
  Honor Awarded Iranian MSRT PhD full scholarship for financial support  
  MSc: Artificial Intelligence (2006-2009)  
  University Islamic Azad University, Mashhad, Iran  
  Thesis Title Fingerprint Recognition with Fractal Theory  
  Supervisor Prof. Mahdi Yaghoobi  
  Honor The best student researcher award in Area 9 of Iran  
  BSc: Computer Science (Software Engineering)  
  University Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Kerman, Iran  
  Project Title Simulating of DIAG system  
  Supervisor Dr. Siavash Sheikhizadeh  

4. Research interests
Computer Vision (Face Analysis, Object Recognition, Object Detection, Image Enhancement)
Biometrics (Identification, Verification, IRIS, Fingerprint, Face, Signature)
Fractal and Chaos (Image compression, Image coding, and Classification)

5. Publication
Please see my CV: here

6. Projects & Research works
Fingerprint Identification Implementation of Fingerprint Identification with Fractal Theory. 2009
Energy Optimization Energy usage optimization by means of fuzzy expert intelligent system. 2010
Traffic Controller Running...

7. Honors
  BMN Awarded postdoctoral financial support from Iranian National Elites Foundation (Bonyad Melli Nokhbegan)  
MPS AWARDED MARSHALL PLAN SCHOLARSHIP (the world's most prestigious academic awards for graduate students)
to visit University of Massachusetts at Boston, USA. 2015
KUWI AWARDED KUWI (Scholarship for short time academic research) from Graz University of Technology at Austria. 2014-15
MSRT AWARDED MSRT SCHOLARSHIP from Iran Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. 2010
Patent Biometric System based on Iris Recognition (Patent no: 89/A004477). 2011
  Patent Fingerprint Identification System (Patent no: 389090122). 2010  

8. Teaching experiences
2010-2011 Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman (Kerman State University) Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphic
2007-2011 Kerman Institute of Higher Education at Kerman (Head of Department) Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphic, Algorithm Design & Analysis
2008-2011 Mehravarn Institute of Higher Education at Kerman Computer Graphic, Algorithm Design & Analysis
2009-2009 Eghbal Institute of Higher Education at Mashhad Artificial Intelligence, Algorithm Design & Analysis
Bahmanyar Institute of Higher Education at Kerman Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphic
Image Processing (for Master students),

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